An Imminent Arrival

‘You won’t be able to travel when you have a baby!’

It would seem that, on hearing that you are about to become a parent, people can’t wait to tell you that your life is about to change for the worse.

If I had an unhealthy obsession with fell running I am in no doubt that I would have been given that same wry smile and slight shake of the head whilst being told, ‘You won’t be able to go running around those fells anymore.  Not when the baby comes.’

And so, in my endearingly stubborn way, ‘the baby’s’ first overseas trip was booked before we even knew whether we were expecting a he or a she.  I was determined that becoming a father would change my life for the better, would probably alter my whole outlook on life, but would not lead to me becoming one of those people who will look at you with eyes full of sympathy and declare that they too had a life once…..before the kids came along.

If anything, the imminent arrival had whet my travel appetite even further.  Not only did I want to discover new places, I also wanted to revisit old ones.I wanted to show this child the sights I had seen, to introduce them to different cultures, to let them see that yes, people are different but that, at the same time, we are all essentially the same.  I wasn’t daunted, I was excited!

Of course, baby hadn’t arrived yet, and there was still the potential for everything to change.xIMG_5881xIMG_5949


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